Much as we would love to reduce our carbon footprint, there are limits on what we can do within this building which was originally constructed in 1740.

We are also aware that we are a hotel, where our guests expect certain facilities that in your own home might not be appropriate; for example replacing towels every day is what is expected, even though it may not be that environmentally friendly!

However we have managed to develop some sustainability practices:

Bottled water: we have invested in the Brita filter based ‘Vivreaux’ bottling system where we now provide both still and sparkling water in glass bottles.

Recycling: we now recycle most of our waste, including food, with very little being sent to landfill.

Cooking oil: this is collected from us and recycled.

Cleaning materials: we no longer use bleach.

Lighting: we have an ongoing programme of replacing all lamps with LEDs.

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